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Today, Yin Xinhui body treated, some of the investigative leads are not, so it can only find from the original clothes." Fung Che looked Xiang Wan, faint smile Road, "town hall Jingzhao really missing a useful person, it seems, people have to think of a way the Queen. wholesale Indianapolis Colts jerseys " Evening among the mouth of a pumping, good cold-blooded guy! She did not say what means should this stick played solidly and successfully blocked her. wholesale Indianapolis Colts jerseys Now that has nothing to do with me, I Why come out chips secured? It is imperative that you want to solve the case, not me! " Evening among eyes glanced over the crowd, there should ask the way to ask for help, she was responsible for post-mortem had to be, what is truth? Although she is confident that she absolutely by autopsy to identify the cause of death, but is unhappy being persecuted taste! "Oh .

He really did not expect, the seven princes abandoned concubine not only an autopsy can investigation, this keen observation and careful thought that even he is not Jingzhao prefect and previously she found that when questioning her maid servant, he is clearly present, however, no confession from those clues to find a little bit, did not expect this little woman all captured! He turned to look at the side of the three princes Phoenix, I saw him give an air of calm, revealed a faint trace of Mouzhong appreciate the color, obviously, these things, he thought! Three princes never Zhiyong unparalleled, that he need not doubt, and this small woman less than the three princes not here, this is where he shocked! See Fung Yu do not speak, provoked the evening among the brow, "seven princes which will not go back again and again, right?" Feng Yu suddenly looked up, her eyes Mouguang, alarmed, "Who are you in the end?" Heard this, he also looked over the side, with the pupil of the eye to explore Zhangcheng Ying, Feng Che is Mouguang light, with a trace of a thin lip faint smile. If the three princes so go on, phoenix feather Zhibuding refused to release, leaving the three princes as long as a palace, all is well said! After all, there are three princes before the previous guarantee." Evening among a pumping mouth, saying, she is also one of the suspects? Mouguang look to Zhangcheng Ying, "Da man This is the meaning?" "This .

See the evening among the two to go, suddenly stopped in front of a heels Fung Che, see Fung Che raised his brow at her, she suddenly laughed flattering look, "Feng also invited three princes, etc. But she knows now is not the time to fall, heard this, she brought back a hint of sneer lips looked phoenix feather, "I and the second wife no injustice Wu Chou why kill her? Murder was motivated, since the second wife's death I have not the slightest advantage, why should I kill her? Besides the so-called witnesses and evidence is but a blink of the girl words plus a stolen pearl hairpin alone to conclude that these people are killing me, adults are not too some arbitrary? " Feng Yu look a condensate, squinting at her for three years, he no look out how to marry this concubine was eloquent of it? "Hui children earlier blame you, so you so vindictive revenge, is not it?" Xiang Wan heard, more ironic smile, "I'm not one or two days into the palace, had most clearly what day princes, even maidservants Old Woman who will foot stepped on, only the second wife princes think few would blame kill her, kill me now countless people should be it! " "You .

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